Sleep environment

I avoid all noise and I creep around we are seriously considering building an annex in our garden!!! I have been known to shout at the postman if he wakes the baby up!

Sudden loud bangs wake her so I avoid emptying the dishwasher or triggering the water pump when she's asleep. If the noise is there when she's going to sleep it doesn't wake her.

I guess white noise might be my only secret weapon! Oh... And swaddling. Definitely swaddling. All my babies would startle themselves awake and swaddling them into little baby burritos really really helped! I walk up the stairs avoiding creaky spots. I shush my older children all the time so they won't wake her up. I glare at my husband if he gets dressed/undressed too noisily!

She is not a child that can sleep just anywhere - she needs to be in a dark, quiet room, and needs to be put down at the right time. I imagine that's rather typical, though. She's a light sleeper and needs quiet to fall asleep.